OmTurtle Yoga + Spa + Cafe

Angie Carron, owner of the OmTurtle enterprise, lived a high stress, low self-care lifestyle consequently leading to a multitude of physical and mental conditions. Rather than surrendering to pharmaceuticals she chose the holistic practices of yoga, meditation, massage therapy and superfoods. With perseverance and patience she was able to regain her life. During the process, however, she learned there were so many others suffering in silence… just like she did. Compassion led to training. Training led to opportunity. Opportunity fueled passion. Passion led to carrying a yard sign and a yoga mat in Sioux Passage Park. People came.

She saw in her students the same healing she endured during her own practice and by the grace of God and support of her family, in 2013, she opened a small yoga studio in Florissant. In 2014, she quit her corporate job to open another yoga studio in Ferguson. In 2015 she began crafting her own line of selfcare products then in 2016, she expanded her small space in Florissant to include a wellness spa using natural methods for massage and skin care. In 2019, after 2 years of building, refurbishing, and collecting recycled goods she opened OmTurtleCafe.

The visually stimulating atmosphere of the café represents the essence of taking something deemed broken and, with a little love, making it vibrant again. We even offer catering, kid and adult cooking classes, teambuilding, field trips, birthday parties and event space for a unique, healthy experience.

Unfortunately the Cafe in Ferguson permanently closed in 2020 due to Covid-19.

Florissant Yoga and Spa Studio 750 N Hwy 67 Florissant MO 63031 314-337-0405

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